GATE: A serious game to improve engagement with web accessibility guidelines


The aim of this project is to utilise the benefits of games in supporting designers learn about accessibility design guidelines.

FALT3R: A serious game to help practitioners and patient raise awareness and prevent on falls at home environment


This project aims to use the abilities of games to create simulations in support of healthcare professionals, raising awareness and preventing falls at home environment.

eXtricate: A serious game to train First-responders on decision-making in stressful situations


This project focuses on training of First-responders on decision-making in stressful situations through a serious Game solution. The game was designed based on the Stress Exposure Training (SET) approach and in accordance with typical stressors in the field.

Falls Sensei: A Serious 3D exploration game to enable the detection of extrinsic home fall hazards for older adults

Falls Sensei

This project aims to educate older adults about extrinsic falls risk factors within the home environment using a serious 3D exploration game.

Altruism and Selfishness in Believable Game Agents

Altruism in Game AI

This project focuses on using Deep Reinforcement Learning to create AI agents which exhibit aluristic or selfish behaviours in social dilemma situations within games and to explore the effect of selfishness and altruism on the believability of the game agents.

Lu-Lu: collaborative decision-making games


This project is focused on improving collaborative decision-making through games. The project presents a framework for design and development of collaborative decision-making serious games, and personalisation in collaborative decision-making games using reflective agents.

Researchers and Collaborators

The resources available here are the result of research and development involving researchers from various institutes. The lead contributing researchers are:

The lead contributing institutes are:

  • Brunel University London